How to make use of Sentiment Analysis

Stock Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment is one of the major drivers of public company values. Depending on the kind of investor you are, you may find value in the sentiment analysis in a few ways.

Investors may make use of the sentiment analysis to evaluate how much of a company's current situation is the result of sentiment, and how much is based on cold hard facts about the business itself. This may be of use to find companies that are cheap mainly due to very poor sentiment, or to exit companies that are becoming inflated due to sentiment.

Active traders may find it useful to track the sentiment if they tend to trade large numbers of companies. Sentiment is often most indicative of price in the short term. Keeping up with all of the news for all of the companies is very hard. Let sentiment analysis do it for you.

Political Sentiment Analysis

Politicians can use sentiment analysis to see how their actions and choices affect their image in the media. People can also use the political topic sentiment to see not only what is important to the public, but also how they currently feel about it.

Sentdex is easily capable of very in-depth analysis for a politician's sentiment. If you would like more information than what is offered for free here, feel free to contact us.

Geographic Sentiment Analysis

This is a very interesting way to see what the general public of the world is talking about, and where. Often times, we are stuck in our bubble, be it in your town, city, or even country. I've personally learned a lot about what's going on in the world from watching the geo sentiment globe... From silly things like Justin Bieber's world dominance being superseded by One Direction's to serious topics like African insecurity, which I would have never come across on my own.

There are many additions that I would like to add to this globe in time.